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Real men don’t Bash or Rape women and kids.

Reality of Democracy: 1 Wolf and 5,000,000 Sheep deciding what to eat

It’s a variation on a orphaned quote possibly from some unknown founding fathers that may or not be attributed to either Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Hamilton… a bit like a soup made from the shadow of a crow on a cloudy moonless night.

However, curiously I did find that Jefferson’s estate at Monticello lists the quotation – that “democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine” – on its list of “spurious quotations,” saying it has “no evidence to confirm that Thomas Jefferson ever said or wrote” this. The quote did not appear in a search of Jefferson’s collected works.

So even back then they knew that a two party system was a broken system.

Boys from St Kevin’s College filmed chanting sexist song… see video footage.

And on that above post you will find Greg Hunt (a Lawyer/MP) who was born and raised in the Mornington Peninsula area; probably with a silver spoon, where he currently resides with his wife Paula and two young children.

Greg graduated from Melbourne University with First Class Honours in Law, and subsequently won a Fulbright Scholarship to complete a Masters of International Relations at Yale University.

Throughout university and his time on a kibbutz in Israel he worked in warehouses, as a metal worker and as a fruit picker.

It’s worth mentioning that virtually all Judges in Australia attended Private Schools, most if not all are members of the ‘old boys network’ of Masons.

Inside the Canberra bubble: Liberal ministers’ relationships with staffers prompted ‘bonk ban’ i.e. Bonk – To have sexual intercourse with.

Remember Greg Hunt is the representative of the Mornington Peninsula and he is the Australian Minster for Health

This was a recent bit of footage July 2020… that’s 6 or 7 months after the COVID-19 outbreak, you’d think he, as Health Minster could handle putting a mask on wouldn’t you?

The Bewildering History Of The Drug War


A criminal criminalising of a plant that’s been used for over 10,000 years not just for it’s medical uses but countless other possible uses and opportunities for Farmers, Planet Earth and the betterment of society?

A criminal US President protecting the criminal ‘Big Pharma’ & Banks that are said to be too big ‘to be or not to be’?

Who Benefits from the War on Drugs?

Dr Alex Wodak is the foremost authority on addiction and recreational drugs and he has an impeccable record, on the other hand, it’s lying Lawyers & Politicians; most Politicians are Lawyers who are not to be trusted.

I once read an article about about a Catholic Bishop or was it a Cardinal back in the 18th centenary who stopped to chat with some sailors, his attempts at converting them was a dismal failure since the all burst out laughing, apparently they were smoking Cannabis which is known as an effective B.S. detector that’s a by product of Cannabis’s ability to heighten the senses, which amongst other things leads to The Munchies… no wander why it illegal.

So here’s a question, since it’s been totally illegal to grow or research Cannabis, how is it possible for Big Pharma who have been against Cannabis for decades are now embracing it, could it be that they have known all along that it’s safer than Alcohol and contra to the ‘Cannabis is a Gateway Drug’ it is in fact alcohol which is the Gateway Drug and it happened at the family Bar-B-Q when dad or uncle gave the kids a sip of beer? Those children only see the earlier revelry, they miss-out the later arguments and fights and do not associate the ‘Sore-heads’ next morning.

And whilst I’m in a questioning mood. During the Covid-19 pandemic whilst in incidences of family violence is skyrocketing whilst the alcohol retailers are offering home deliveries… were there any acts of family violence attributed to Cannabis?

Dr Alex Wodak: Drug Law Reform – The End of the Beginning (Oct 8, 2013)

Dr Alex Wodak – Pill Testing and Roadside Drug Testing in Australia (Aug 2, 2019)

Dr Alex Wodak – The Current Status of Medicinal Cannabis in Australia (Nov 25, 2016)

Practical Solutions to End the War on Drugs – Alex Wodak (Nov 13, 2009)

A previous world view post on Cannabis.

Thank you for your time Regards


P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.

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Violence against women






News flash, being Cleaver & Sneaky is not the same as being Intelligent & Honest.

Scott Morrison a member of Hillsong ‘Church’ commonly referred to as a Happy Clappy church trying to attract a more modern flock (sheep) will be the 30th Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison’s ‘women issue’ is likely the reason he won’t call an early election.




Attended Private School (see St Kevin’s YouTube below), he’s a Lawyer; ‘some people say’ (a Foxism) all Lawyers are professional liar… some people say, as a Politician that makes him a liars twice over. MP he’s supposedly working for all Australians not just himself and his mates.




Lets face it the ‘Justice’ system is corrupt and it has been so for hundreds of years, this is hardly surprising since all of the majority male Judges are from exclusive Privet Schools… and they are their to protect the Rich 10% which they do both in the Justice System and as Politicians where the majority of MPs are in fact Lawyers. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Laws they write as MPs are ambiguous and highly complicated which suits Lawyers… whatever happened to Common Law, answer Fucking Lawyers, the Laws should be written by Linguistic experts who excel in plain and precise writing.

RONALD RYAN was it seems not a upstanding citizen though though it turned out too late that he was in fact innocent, seems his main crime was being poor and uneducated yet he was found guilty and Hung by the Australian Judicial system… apparently Procedural Justice is more likely if your rich. Some people say had Richard Buttrose been an outer western or southern suburbanite selling the relatively harmless cannabis well, doors would be kicked in most of them would not have been able to enlist some high priced lawyer to shorten their sentences.


The Central Scrutinizer – ZAPPA… turn up the volume.

Frank was a critic of that Orwellian ‘1984’ nightmare which tells us about today’s world, 70 years after it was published. Basically is a creed of ‘Conform or die’



The night Porter and allegation of rape

Source – ‘They voted for you‘ a brilliant way to help you decide who has your interests foremost.

Christian Porter Liberal Party Representative for Pearce WA since September 2013. The site shows you his actual voting record and the site ‘They Vote For You’ is a great reference, so scroll down and have a look at Christian Porter Voting record, and what he actually voted very strongly against, I believe the majority of Australians would be shocked… it’s unbelievable.

Christian Porter’s full Voting record. This site ‘They Vote For You’ is a great reference,

I personally believe he is guilty and that it’s utterly unbelievable that he had not been warned, possibly before the election, as for the victim Katy well possibly because of her age at the time of the rape and the severity and aggressive nature of that rape, meant it was hard for her to deal with it, there have plenty of such appalling cross-examining by defense Lawyers and it often starts with the Police not following obligatory procedures or their plain laziness which discourages I’m sure many Rape victims, as for Morrison and his daughters, would he doubt the same facts presented by one of his own?

The nature of this alleged Rape I feel had a horrifying spiteful possibly threatening misogamist a ‘might is right’ feel to it… I believe it was more about putting an intelligent female ‘back in her place’.

The one thing I’ve had problems understanding in regards to Christian Porter alleged Rape is the fact that the victim had 5 meetings with the Police and Katie committed suicide a day after the last ‘interview’… my question is why we haven’t heard about the Police interview video-tape or written records of those interviews?



As for Morrison’s ‘Independent Inquiry’ well I have reservations about the ‘Independent’ nature of the proposed Inquiry, if that included Jacqui Lambie MP I would feel much much better about the Independent Inquiry.

Lets face it all these Lawyers are good at twisting the language to suit their clients, for-instance, in the case of an Injuries Case the defendant’s Lawyer will send you to an ‘independent’ medical examiner. I have a friend who was sent to an Allianz Insurance Company ‘independent’ medical examiner who actually had a ‘surgery’ in the Allianz Building, when he told me this I gave him my Dictaphone and told him to turn it on when he was called for and to notify the ‘independent’ medical examiner that he was going to record what was said in that examination, the doctor out right refused to let him so he left. Next thing he gets a phone call from Allianz saying he hadn’t attended the Allianz ‘independent’ medical examination, so on my recommendation he played the medical examination’s response his recording of the examination, they then gave him another appointment so I went along with him… to the displeasure of that ‘independent’ medical examiner.

Hears another strange Lawyer use of the English language, there are three separate Courts in order from the bottom to the top, District Court Judges, Supreme Court Judges and High Court Judges being at the top. The thing is The Dictionary definition of the Supreme Court is that it is the highest in rank or authority… ‘go figger it’?

Over the years I have been told of several similar cases where the Claimant were royally screwed by not only the defendant’s Lawyer, but by their own Lawyer! So be warned this is a very common practice and it’s costing the government countless billions of dollars in disability services… so now you know one of the reasons why the aged pensioners who payed Taxes all their working lives are treated so poorly… the other examples such as a bunch of self-serving Politicians/Lawyers selling off the care of aged pensioners to private enterprises; some of which were bought by Politicians/Lawyers as was the Insider-trading Traitors buying up our Water Rights as well as selling off our other Public Asserts to countries like China.



Kangaroo Court of Australia – Media release confirms Bruce Lehrmann, the alleged parliament house rapist, worked for Senator Linda Reynolds.

Another Kangaroo Court of Australia post worth a look.

George Brandis thanks Bruce Lehrmann who is accused of being the parliamentary house rapist

Again we are faced with the fact that probably all the elite schools like St Kevin GPS who seem to have major issues with women.

And just now (Wed 24Feb 5:00 pm) I was sent this which I believe is a Twitter post; For the record I don’t Twitter nor do I use FaceBook, I have attempted to verify this Twitter Post but I have had no luck, however, it does seem to me to fit and it does seem to explain a lot of things.

St Kevin’s students; the leaders of tomorrow, filmed singing an appalling sexist chant on a Melbourne tram

This school is within MP Greg Hunt Electorate and he is the Liberal Party’s Representative Flinders. Greg Hunt once the Minister The Environment now he is the Minister for Health; largely MIA in the early days of COVID 19.

I have zero respect for the current Health Minister Hunt, I see him not as a Health Minister he’s a Lawyer not a Doctor, yet he makes the ridiculous statements like “marijuana is a gateway drug” and “marijuana Kills people”. Alcohol and Tobacco kills according to The WHO Report kills 2.5 million people per year! (COVID 19 wont out do the figures for Tobacco & Alcohol)… yet they are legal and 100,000 Deaths Per Year In The U.S. Caused By Prescription Drugs (about 10,000 Australians) as for his ridiculous theory of marijuana being a ‘Gateway Drug’ the true ‘Gateway Drug’ comes from the adults at the family Bar-B-Q smoking Tobacco and drinking Alcohol. doctors as for deaths themselves well the killer for them is stress, burnout, depression and struggling-mental-health… as well as self medication of Pharmacological drugs and of course Alcohol… ‘Doctors heal thy self’ or better yet, lighten up and give Cannabis’ preferably in Cookie form, a try, you will live longer and be happier.

Hunt the Lawyer then brings out the supposed link between Cannabis and physiological effects ignoring the effect of Alcohol’s physiological effects which are far worse mental health effects of Cannabis (marijuana) is laughable since it’s psychoactive ingredients are in fact now helping ameliorate depression.

A reply to a Professor; I wont name him because I believe he was put into an unenviable position buy Greg Hunt. CannabisReplyToRefNo:MC17-016500

The moral to the above is Lawyers should keep to what they do ‘best’… Lie and screw you.

These are most likely to be leaders of the Government & Industry… I wonder what their Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters think about them… these will be the future rulers of Australia if we don’t stop them. I for one am horrified and embarrassed. As for members of ‘The unwashed masses’ whether or not they are also Misogynist they too may find themselves or their children “dumped into a hole in the road.” If they don’t act to voice their disgust, irony lurks!

16/03/21 ABC 4 Corners Enslaved

If this ABC 4 Corners episode wasn’t bad enough in it’s lack of Humanity, we find out firstly he was in the Royal Australian Army; perhaps a Physiological evaluation might have weeded out the Sociopaths

But wait there is more, towards the end of this episode we find out that both the Federal Police and the NSW State Police knew about these atrocious facts and did not take action until after ABC’s 4 Corners episode… it’s seems writing out Traffic Tickets; a huge Revenue generator, and busting Cannabis users and growers, they are using bell jet rangers at a cost of approximately $1,599/Hour in my area 3-4 6 hour days to find cannabis. Ironically a Former police officer jailed for nine months for letting her boyfriend grow $40 MILLION worth of cannabis crops in her apartment and lets not forger the fact that Mark Standen a Former NSW Crime Commission Assistant Director busted over importing $120m Ice… I have absolutely no doubts that Speed/Ice is a scourge on society and possibly payback for The Opium Wars/Queen Victoria’s Empire a drug user herself… just putting it out there.

Cannabis crimes are in my opinion from pressure of Big Pharma; who for 50 years of BS about it’s dangers have given up and now are producing their substandard Medical Cannabis rubbish tell us that the dangerous Psychoactive components have been removed, then in virtually the same breath saying it may have uses in such cases physiological conditions as Depression which again is only a breath away from ” It’s Dangerous”… and of course the scum bag Lawyers and the ‘Security/Law & Order’ Police; many who themselves self medicate with Cannabis because the hypocrisy they are forced to live with… did I just wonder off topic, not really it’s all interrelated (The Law as apposed to Common Law and Justice).



Liberal staffers accused of sexual assault

Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ in full (2012) | ABC News

Murdoch Media too was as far as I’m concerned a big part of the diabolical ‘Ditch the Bitch’ non stop campaign of one of our best Prime Ministers as they did with Gough Whitlam. Lets face it dominant Males; with some people say one fat ass greedy WA Cow: apologies to all the Bovines, have been running Australia and they have effectively been Corrupt, Ignorant or totally self-interested so why not give the women a go, but either way WE MUST HAVE A TOTALLY INDEPENDENT CRIME COMMISSION IN AUSTRALIA and no more Commercial In-Confidence Bullshit but non of this matters as long as we have Political donations and Director warmed seats for the self serving bastards in Parliament.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard Discusses her Famous Misogyny Speech.

‘A homophobic and misogynist’? Former Australian PM Tony Abbott lined up for Brexit trade role

I wonder how his wife and three girls feel, we know how his sister views his misogynist views.

Tony Abbott – Jesuit Trained Catholic Rhodes Scholar “Australian” Liberal Politician

Remember that the Jesuits ran the 606 year Inquisition and as of 2021 there is no gender equality in the Catholic Church… unless your a gay Catholic Priest and having your way with young boys.

Bringing down the Turnbull government | Four Corners

Worth mentioning that $200,000,000 plus is not enough (turn up the volume!) now Turnbull he’s got what he really wanted which was to Privatise Australian Water… and I’m sure he benefited from that…sounds a lot like Insider Trading to me, I wonder how many other Australian Politicians and Judges followed suite?

Water Privatization in Cochabamba, Bolivia

The Murry Darling, Lifeblood of Australia Privatised to Death 

I mention Judges, well I venture to say that all male Judges went to elite schools like St Kevin and the female Judges more than likely went to the female elite schools like St Kevin, as for ‘Royal Commissions’ well they are a perfect example of ‘When your snout’s in the trough the Rim is your horizon’ – AD. Not much is actually achieved at these ‘Royal Commissions’ other than a bunch of Lawyers lining their pockets and given this thought, I wonder how many other Politicians, Judges and Lawyers have shares in Rio Tinto, the Banks and the Insurance Companies it would also be interesting to see a List of Australian royal commissions don’t you think?

Here’s another profitable earner for Judge and Lawyer, Injuries Cases. Just yesterday I ran into a guy with one leg, he was a Local Farmer and we chatted for awhile, when I felt comfortable to ask him what had happened to his Leg he said, “I got a Staph Infection” apparently it was in a Canberra Hospital and in an attempt to cover it up they released him long before they should have, it turned out that the Hospital found out about the Staph Infection the day before he was hurriedly released in order to cover up the Hospital’s screw-up.

So here we are an honest working class Farmer; who had full medical cover, had been screwed by everyone including his own legal team, the insurance company and the so called ‘Independent Insurance doctors’, it was the Judge and everyone else involved that made a shit load of money, as for honest working class Farmer, well he got Jack Shit… this story is all too common. Our obliging Political system has done SFA other than substandard more of the same. Remember this is the same mob of total bastards that hung an innocent Ronald Joseph Ryan (borne 21 February 1925 – Died 3 February 1967) Ronald Joseph Ryan was the last person to be ‘legally hanged’ in Australia, he was found guilty of shooting and killing warder George Hodson during an escape from Pentridge Prison, Victoria, in 1965. Ryan’s hanging was met with public protests by those opposed to capital punishment, his actual crime was being poor and uneducated.

When you’re told by a Lawyer that if you lose you wont pay; they will, this is total Bullshit, they will fuck you around till you agree on a settlement made by the Insurance Company and ‘your’ Lawyer will make a killing.

Unseen footage of Ronald Ryan, Australia’s last man hanged, reveals divided opinions on capital punishment

Senator Scott Ludlam welcomes Tony Abbott to WA

In my opinion Scott Ludlam is the best Australia politician we have ever had, so ill let him speak for me.

More from Scott

Economy or ecology? Why not both? | Scott Ludlam | TEDxPerth

Scott for PM !

Most senior Judges and top QCs still privately educated, figures show.

Fallout from allegations about alleged rape of female staffer at Parliament House continue | 7.30

Brittany Higgins: Parliament House rocked by alleged rape

Liberal Party deals with fallout after sexual assault allegations | Nine News Australia


Thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy Agitator


P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.

P.S.S. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH How does your MP vote on the issues that matter to you?

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