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The Murry Darling, Lifeblood of Australia Privatised to Death



Before Privatised

After Privatised

Mass fish kill: What next for the Darling River community | Australian Story

Professor John Briscoe February 24, 2011 Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Harvard School of Public Health; Harvard Kennedy School of Government:-

“I believe that the Water Act of 2007 was founded on a political deception”

Professor John Briscoe

Photos reveal Queensland cotton farms full of water while Darling River runs dry

The Murry Darling sold out by Highly paid stunt Linguist’s… Politicians/Lawyers

As my friend Craig said “As an 11 and 12 year old child I was lucky enough to spend 12 weeks traveling almost the entire length of the Murray River from Yarrawonga Weir all the way to Murray Bridge, along with a jaunt up the Darling River as well. The experience took us 2 complete Christmas Holidays and is something I will never forget”.

Investigation of the causes of mass fish kills

More than a River – The Murray-Darling system and its people sold out

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Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition: ‘I’ve always believed in miracles’, ‘miracles’ some people say by the curtesy of the likes Murdoch’s Fake News and Lobbyists like Clive Palmer.

Scott Morrison brings a chunk of coal into parliament

Morrison now a Born Again Environmentalist… I don’t think so, otherwise he would not have had the support of the Lobbyists.

Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. MARK TWAIN


Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition: ‘I’ve always believed in miracles’

Clive Palmer meme review – Friendlyjordies

Why the response to the historical rape allegation against a Minister is so different | 7.30

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Leading scientists warn Australia’s ecosystems are facing collapse | ABC News A+ Leader

IS GOD GAY? | Ricky Gervais Reads NOAH’S ARK | Universal Comedy

Carl Lentz is BAAACK!!!! Hillsong Church IS A MESS | You’re not going to BELIEVE THIS! (NEW)

PM admits he put forward Brian Houston’s name for White House dinner

Some say that perhaps Trump’s Minders warned him about Happy Clappers

Monty Python – Sermon on the Mountain

Monty Python: Oh Lord! You Are So Big!

Christian Cringe Compilation-Retro Edition 2019

Kenneth Copeland becomes Demon Possessed on stage

Televangelists Who Are Anything But Holy

WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full



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There at least 8 Mysterious Underwater Ruins of Lost Civilizations!




I would suggest that the only people who would believe the Yonaguni under the sea Monument was a ‘Natural’ formation would also believe that God moves in mysterious ways… which is a just a slight problem for Noah and his Ark and Archbishop of Ireland James Ussher (1581-1656) declaring that the world was born in 4004 BC. I think from memory it was a Thursday… about 9am.

Ancient Greek Eratosthenes a mathematician and the head of the library at Alexandria measured the diameter of Earth around 240 B.C., that’s some 2,000 years before Archbishop of Ireland James Ussher, Eratosthenes calculated the Earth’s mean circumference at 40,030 km, to days measurement of Earth’s mean circumference is 40,075 km. All Eratosthenes had to do was think critically… not the rubbish ‘Critical Thinking’ taught in Universities now days which is only useful for Highly paid stunt Linguist’s… Politicians & Lawyers Liars.

Occasionally I’ll have a conversation with religious Flat-Earthers, you know they are a marvel in stunt Linguists which leave me with a delightful euphoric WTF. And then I think, WTF indeed, these nutters still have influence and are in fact pushing for more power.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”. – Mark Twain

But then there’s this little video clip that shows me there is still a chance and makes me laugh again.

An Australian G. Wayne Thomas 60’s Crystal Voyager a Surfing move’s musical track singing about the damage greed is doing to Nature enjoy… turn up the volume!

Yonaguni under the sea Monument is Japan’s most south-westerly point.

The story of Anatolia dates back to the Paleolithic (20,000-15,000 BC); but only tools and little villages dating to those times have been discovered so far. Actual civilizations came to Anatolia around the Neolithic period (15,000-4000 BC). During that time, several civilizations traveled to and lived in Anatolia; we can see their legacy in the prehistoric settlements of Gobekli Tepe, Çatalhöyük, Hacilar, Mersin, and Nevali Cori. These settlements tend to be much larger in size and complexity when compared to contemporary sites found in Europe. Çatalhöyük is arguably the most complex Neolithic settlement. – from Early Civilizations in Anatolia

Early Earth History & The Great Flood

The Evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

Myths, Gods, and the Younger Dryas cataclysm! Eye-witness accounts of cosmic

Why was America covered in ice in 12,500 BC

The Rise of Civilization – 15,000 BC

Mean while back in Australia…

Prime Minister John Howard’s neocon government’s shutting down Comet & Meteor tracking was critical for tracking Comets & Meteors which could have long periods between close proximity to Earth. Australia happens to be one of the most important sites for approximating when and how close future encounters may be, I’d say that’s well worth a few million dollars a year don’t you think? Robert Menzies’s conservative government believed that shutting down Woomera Rocket & Computer research centers was a good idea, he allegedly said “I don’t see any future in Space” & “I don’t see any future in computers”.

Howard also abolished Gough Whitlam’s free Tertiary Education which favored the Elites; whether or not they were smarter they could afford the Privet Schools and University fees. He also cut funding to Sporting organisations and swimming lessons in schools and those who missed out on school swiming lessons are now drowning, so much for the ‘Girt by sea’ from our horrid National Anthem, and now we have Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison and Bridget McKenzie’s disgraceful sports grants pork barrel scam AKA scheme.

Steeping back again…

However, ‘White Australia’ Menzies thought the North Vietnamese of the 60’s, with at best a couple hundred thousand draftees, would lead a Communist Domino effect by attacking and defeating Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and eventually Australia, a ludicrous idea since the Vietnamese prior to the re-emergence of France’s colonization after the second world war, whilst Prior to the second world war the Vietnamese had been defending it’s self for centuries against China.

The Vietnamese always defensively resisted domination by using Gorilla tactics against bigger aggressive countries, they did not aggressively attack other countries, nor were they capable logistically to do so, with one exception, after they defeated the USA, they then went into Cambodia and pushed Pol Pot’s totally insane and murderous Khmer Rouge back into the jungle after they had murdered over 2 million of Cambodia’s most educated people and had sent Cambodia back to the stone-age, all done whilst the West did nothing.

Woomera The Silent Partner

A waterfall 5 miles wide 900 ft high flow 300,000,000 per second more water than all of Earths river X10

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P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.

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