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Sadly Katie’s a rarity.

A while ago whilst checking out a shop I occasionally used to shop from, on that last visit we got into a conversation which included his stating proudly his ambition… “To die with the most toys”, as I said I occasionally used to shop from.

Greed for Money/Power is the reason this rather beautiful planet is in the mess it’s in. My reaction is to not participate nor engage with, The Point is I’m prepared to pay or a little more or put up with some inconvenience to avoid dealing with sociopaths.

Speaking about The Point

I’m doing my best to get rid of those Banner Ads on The Point

If they are killing a few it’s possibly Manslaughter, if they are killing millions it’s definitely Murder.

Frank Zappa’s I’m The Slime shows he was onto to these bastards in the early 70’s.

Katie Porter grills Big Pharma CEO for putting profits before patients – full

Congresswoman Katie Porter grills billionaire CEO over pay disparity at JP Morgan

Rep. Katie Porter Blasts Big Oil for Price Gouging Families

Rep. Porter Questions McKinsey’s Global Managing Partner

Rep. Katie Porter Explains Biden’s Billionaire Tax

Short and sweet thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Democracy Agitator Beam

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The Chris Hedges report: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Ukraine, Palestine, music & more

Roger Waters is in my opinion the Sole of Pink Floyd’s Music/Lyrics, he’s largely responsible for promoting and encouraging individuals to focus on the good and positive aspects of their own behavior, he is a tireless challenger of those in power who seek only to serve themselves.
Man on fire… listen to his message
So how are those in charge getting away with it? Well one of the World’s worst unelected bureaucrats has ironically an idea about how… they are a pack of bastards but one of the major reasons is social-engineering AKA Education as it’s called, and lets not forget Murdoch’s mainstream media.
Sad to say thanks to Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison about the time the Australian’s ABC was doing an exposay on Murdoch’s control of Aussie Media… ‘ScoMo’ handed over Our ABC to ‘Bad News’ Murdoch.
World Debt Clock
Those numbers flying by are Trillions.

Will you look at the World debt, question is who owns the debt which was actually only just Monopoly Money?
Hears what has happened, a bunch of greedy sociopaths hell bent on enslaving the world, who managed to to get away with it; through Self-serving Lackey Politicians & Lawyers (spit on the ground).

The Fiat banking is in fact a Ponzi scam… we should throw the crooks in jail and cancel the ‘debt’ which is after all worthless paper.
Don’t blame the Russians, blame the ‘Middle Eastern sociopaths’ who bought and paid for a self-serving US governments who selling you out and dumb down you down.

“If you find yourself in a hole stop digging”
Quoted from The American humorist Will Rogers… I am a fan of his.

In 1988 U.S. warship downs Iranian passenger jet killing 290; largely women and children, at the time Captain William C. Rogers was apparently ‘Playing Chicken’ with an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf. A state of the ‘art’ the U.S. Navy cruiser Vincennes apparently the Iranian passenger jet was ‘mistake’ for a hostile Iranian fighter… for fuck’s sake, the Iranian passenger jet was travelling on a delegated rout, at about 30,000ft and way slower than a military aircraft, it also has IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) systems.
Funny this ‘incident’ barely got a mention… other than Captain William C. Rogers receiving a medal. Now lets look at the alleged Russians downing Flight MH17 Three Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged with bringing a missile into the area in eastern Ukraine and with murdering 298 passengers and crew including 28 Aussies… what the fuck was Flight MH17 doing flying over an active war zone?

hen there is the downing of Korean Air Lines flight 007. I seem to remember the this flight was some 600 Km off course and jus happened to be over Korean Air Lines flight 007, flight of a passenger jet that was shot down by Soviet air-to-air missiles on September 1, 1983, near Sakhalin Island, Russia, killing all 269 persons on board.

President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007)
Korean Air Lines flight 007, flight of a passenger jet that was shot down by Soviet air-to-air missiles on September 1, 1983, near Sakhalin Island, Russia, killing all 269 persons on board. It was en route to Seoul from Anchorage, Alaska, when it strayed more than 200 miles (322 km) from its scheduled path and entered Soviet airspace. Soviet authorities claimed that the plane was on an intelligence-gathering mission for the United States, though no evidence supported the allegation. The incident occurred during heightened tensions during the Cold War and further degraded U.S.-Soviet relations… a Jumbo Passenger jet with all the Navigational equipment 322km off course, that stretches the bounds of creditable.

UN thanks Russia for saving its officials from Ukraine

Lets not forget ‘It’ was COVID which got the ball roiling… and boy have they made a killing; pun intended
If not the Russians then who… could ‘It’ be a man made Pandemic?
BlackRock Predicted It 3 YEARS AGO!! Here’s What They Said…

So much for NWO & Volodymyr Zelenskiy totally ridiculous claims that Russia’s Putin fired British missiles at Ukraine Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant which was occupied by Russian Soldiers… Putin had been pleading for the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Some say that a group of 60 Ukrainian Russian looking 5 columnists sent to kill IAEA team and make it look like the Russians were responsible, this moronic action was anticipated by Russia and the Ukrainians were ambushed… apparently two survived, we’ve yet to hear from them.
It seams that the US; who through NATO, is willing to use sacrificial goats to distance them selves… it seams that the US and their masters are fine attacking ‘easy beats’.
Khazars: History of the Jewish Turkic Nomads


USS Liberty: Israel’s attack on America during the Six Day War | Unpacked

If you go to YouTube you will see the following words on the still ‘USS Liberty Conspiracy’ (see above photo. Well I’d say you’re Busted you dickhead… or if you prefer Mister Unpacked.

So the question is what other nationality does this apologist hold?; It’s amusing that he is a Jew and has two… watch his footage and decide for yourself, as for you Mr Unpacked, with all the USS Liberty Blogs and first hand commentary you sort to question the facts, thank you, you made my day ROFL… any other conspiracies you care to share, like who really attacked The World Trade Center, could this be another JFK Smoking Gun where the Government issued the Swiss cheese 911 Report striking similarity to the Warren Commission Report? Perhaps you can explain how such huge structures can collapse at a freefall rate, that all three buildings; building 7 did not get even a mention in the 911 Report!, it collapsed as if the massive steel structure gave no more resistance to the collapse than thin air?
The Attempted Sinking of the USS Liberty.!!!

Ernie Gallo: The U.S.S Liberty: what really happened? What did not?


The Day Israel Attacked America [2014 documentary by Al-Jazeera | USS Liberty attack]

If you are the type to have a negative attitude to the footage because of the Aljazera golden glow symbol in the bottom left of the footage, well you need to think critically and realise that until you do this sort of thing will keep happening (The Kennedy’s & 911 ? )… wake the fuck up.
Paradise Papers: Tax haven secrets of ultra-rich exposed – BBC News

The Queen is reputedly is the World’s riches person… she after all owns, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I didn’t vote for her but God supposedly did, apparently the Queen is in a direct line to Abraham. For the record I met Princess Elizabeth in Kenya and again as Queen in Norway… on both occasions she spoke directly to me, I must say that this ‘Bush Boy’ (white boy gone Native) did not understand what all the fuss was about… little has changed your either a decent human or your not and you will worry that you may be caught out.
Map showing areas where Semitic peoples live or previously lived

Anytime Israel is criticised for it’s inhumane actions they claim it’s ‘Antisemitism’. So I did a search for Semitic peoples. After a bit of looking around, I came upon The Encyclopedia Britannica, which not only had a Map showing areas where Semitic peoples live or previously lived, but it included a relatively impressive list of Semitic peoples which Israel seems to deny belong to the group of Semitic peoples.

If your are wondering why I chose The Encyclopedia Britannica, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about ‘Antisemitism’:-

Antisemitism (also spelled antisemitism or Antisemitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism. It has also been characterised as a political ideology which serves as an organising principle and unites disparate groups which are opposed to liberalism.

Now I was aware that Semitic-languages included a number of Nationalities, but as you will see, the number was far far greater than I ever would have thought it might have been. So my question is, is it really a case of Anti-Semitic racism? Or is it just fear of an open debate on Israel behavior?

The off-white areas in the map above are past and present Semitic peoples lands. Modern countries such as the Palestinians, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania.

A Semite, is a person speaking one of a group of related languages. The term came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes including Hebrews. Mesopotamia, the western coast of the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Horn of Africa. Regarding the prehistoric origins of Semitic-speaking peoples, that is open to further debate.

As you can see from the map above, the term ‘Anti-Semitic’ clearly can not exclusively be used by Hebrews/Jews, rather it seems more likely to be used by Zionists, who more than likely do not originate from the area of modern day Israel, and where the Jews and Palestinians once lived in relative harmony.

Again, at the risk of being branded Anti-Semitic, I ask the question, Is it Antisemitism? Anti-Semitic? Or is it fear of open discussion on Israel?

I have a number of Bloggers whom I frequent and not the least is USA’s ‘reallygracefull’, check out her video on Zionism – Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes.
Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes | reallygraceful

The Empire of “The City” – Three City States: London, Vatican, District of Columbia


What is now obvious is that ‘They’ are in reality the Military/Industrialists/Media in fact control most of the world.
Cynthia McKinney US Lawmakers Forced to Sign Pledge to Support Israels.

Obviously the American people are asleep at the wheel
So you make up your mind is it a Jewish Conspiracy or a Jewish fact?
In any case of corruption the advice is to ‘Follow the money‘ because it will led you to the coruptors.
The REAL History of The Rothschild family’s control of the Vatican, Europe and America


Who Controls All of Our Money?

Bankers want control of digital ID’s

What a smug little NWO wanker is a self centered little prick and a chronic (steepling).

Adams/North: A War On Cash Is A War On The People

Red Alert: ScoMo Declares War On The Australian People

Jimmy Dore: the establishment Sh**ing their pants

Thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Democracy Agitator Beam

P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.


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