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Whilst Australia burns Scomo is in Hawaii... the Fire Fighters are in Hell

Grow a set of Balls ‘Friends of the ABC’ and save it. The ABC hating corrupt self-serving Politicians and Mainstream Media lie and lyres are always at a disadvantage, especially the BS ‘God Fearing’ types.

Facts re ABC funds being cut… yet again.

‘There are no cuts’: Scott Morrison rejects criticism of ABC funding levels

Liar liar pants on fire. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

The ABC has had significant cuts and crucial assets sold of which had seriously hindered The ABC ability to make significant home-grown contributions to Australian content, what we are left with is self-interested Commercial Networks totally supporting Right-wing BS spewing out the worst of American Mainstream media garbage. And whilst I’m venting my spleen, for the record “No problem” is an American phrase, the Aussie phrase is “No Worries Mate” got it?

See series 6 Episode 10 Wednesdays 8.30pm on ABC – Overseas viewers may need a VPN to view.


In 2016 Australian Arts contributed $111.7 billion and just recently they received $388 million cut and their workers don’t meet Morrisons’s criteria for Job-Seeker, less than half of Australia’s creative workers will be eligible for JobKeeper wage lifeline… thanks for your supporting the Liberals Guy… tell me Guy have you now got a selfie of yourself and Scomo onboard his Jet?

Scott Morrison said the Arts employ around 600,000 Jobs that’s more than Accommodation (105,600 jobs), more than Aviation (93,000 Jobs) and ten times more than Coal Mining (57,900 Jobs).

In comparison Qantas Aviation who employs 30,000 Jobs contributed just $18.42 billion and they received $715 million from Scott Morrison.

Apparently in a recent survey in Singapore asked people which jobs they believe were crucial to keep things going in the context of the pandemic. The number one essential job was Doctors/Nurses and the number non-essential Jobs choice was Artists.

A special thanks to Luke McGregor recently appearance on Charlie Pickering’s Show pointing out the above facts.

Another fact is that most people in the Arts tend more towards creating entertainment which is good for the sole rather than creating personal obscene wealth, the thing is in a two party system The Left is also partly funded and corrupted by those with the obscene wealth which is bad for the majority and this will continue until Political Donations are band.


Scott Morrison criticised for running ‘absolutely obscene’ political ads during bushfires
That’s about all he did… would you by a second-hand car from Scomo?

Australia’s lack of preparedness in the case of CV-19
How can any government solely concerned with winning the next election plan past that election?

Take for example ABC & SBS’s News coverage of important events and compared it the Mass-media with their shallow Fox like dumb down The Masses rubbish is gobsmacking… No wonder that The right and the gutless self-serving Left; who on occasions themselves have protest The ABCs biased reporting. For a start I want to know the full story of why Scott ‘Scomo’ Morrison was sacked as Director/Head of The Australian Tourism Department. It took Karen Middleton of The Saturday Paper to go where no Mass-media outlet will. Fresh documents in Morrison’s sacking as Head of The Australian Tourism Department. Not the whole truth, we need specific facts.


Yet another concern of mine is the dreadful decisions with regards to the purchase of the Collins Class Submarines, soon to be caped off by the French The Barracuda class Submarine more than likely another screw-up as will be the Joint Strike Fighter.

Australian sub nearly pwns us navy

This victory belongs solely to the Australian Navy and that win was despite the political nature of the decision based on securing Liberal seats; Aussie Republicans.

Why the French submarine won the bid to replace the Collins-class
Could it possibly be because Christopher Pine needed to keep his seat… surely not?

Submarine fleet tipped to cost $225b to build and maintain
The German 212 & 214 Hydrogen is a much better option (discussed below) with the added option it uses Hydrogen Cells for it running and Hydrogen Cell technology may well be The Clean Fuel of the Future.

French submarine program ‘dangerously off track’ warns report urging Australia to consider nuclear alternative

Australian Collins Class Submarines nearly pwns US Navy… what B.S., it was the fantastic Australian Navy Personnel and the Aussies toped of their win with Men At Work’s – ‘Men Downunder’.

Turn up the volume!

Self-deprecation is a mixture of Truth & Embarrassment

On two occasions I was told a story about Australia’s Oberon Class Submarines popping up next to a US Aircraft Carrier at the finish of a War Games Exercise shortly after the US Fleet moved to a line-a-stern heading towards Sydney harbour. Apparently they avoided the US surveillance equipment and wondered about at will taking photos of various US Navel ships Rudders, Screws (propellers) and aircraft taking off and landings on the US Aircraft Carrier, I was told this story by two individuals one who was currently serving at the time of telling me the story, the other was a retired Admiral who also mentioned that Australia almost lost a Collins Class Submarine off the Continental Shelf but for the quick action of the Capitan; he seemed unimpressed with the Collins Class Subs.

A funny thing turned up when I looked for YouTube footage of Australia’s Oberon Class Submarines; possibly our best Sub decision.

Why would Australian not be allowed to view this footage but anyone else in the world (like China for example) can view it?

Oh well I’ll try this video.

Australia’s Attack-class submarines need competition

The stealthiest Submarine at present is the German 212 & 214 Hydrogen cell which means Aircraft Carriers be weary… be very weary.

Why Germany’s New Super Stealth Submarines Could Take on Any Navy

Other issues which are also ignored by the Mass-media are Natural Disasters, for example the Climate Change worsening Storms or the threats of Earthquakes, Asteroids and Tsunamis. Now one at first glance may say “Well you cant do much about those Disasters”. Oh really? Well for a start adopting decentralised Renewable Power system rather than having centralised power means that power outages are fare more significant as shown by an outage that lasted 3 days; probably made worse by privatization of the critical Power Services which inevitably resulted in a reduction of service personnel and the time to get the power back on… I will also put forward that this reduction of power service personnel reduction not only led to lengthening the 16,000 homes being without electricity in Sydney after Tuesday’s wild weather but it’s also likely to cause an increase in Bush Fires started by downed power lines as seen in SA bushfire that damaged 11 properties caused by ‘power network fault’.

On the issue of privatization. Apparently Australia’s politicians are the third highest paid in the World, that being so doesn’t it seem a little strange when these high priced politicians say Privatising will make the government’s (Citizens) services run more efficiently? We all know that’s total B.S., they sell Our Services and then cash in on it themselves… just look at what they have done to Our Water. Bolivia Privatised it’s water which ended up being sold to an American corporation and now it’s legal for Bolivian Citizens to collect the Rain that lands on the roofs of their homes.

Yet another victim of privatization is the ABC and the 90% who become the target of increasing Taxes and reduced services; whilst the government hands out welfare to the biggest corporations who then make donations to the political parties who benefited from the welfare handed out to the biggest corporations.

Top 10 biggest meteor strikes in history

Behind the Eyes of John Pilger: Radicalizing the Conscience of the World through the Power of the Moving Image:-

Behind the Eyes of John Pilger: Radicalizing the Conscience of the World through the Power of the Moving Image

NSW Police personal search targets revealed

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces national commissioner for defence and veteran suicides

Coalition’s $165 million war chest that helped Scott Morrison win election revealed

People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows

What are the Government’s emissions reduction policies?

Scott Morrison targets climate change in UN speech

Fact check: Is Australia in breach of its UN anti-corruption obligations?

Amanda Feilding has spent 54 years experimenting with psychedelics — for the sake of science

ACT legalises personal cannabis use, becoming first Australian jurisdiction to do so

Adyan was born in Geelong but his permanent residency was rejected due to a minor disability

Curious Kimberley: How the sun, moon and a massive continental shelf create Australia’s biggest tides

Katharine Murphy of The Guardian… one of my favourite ‘go toos’

Morrison ‘hijacked’ NZ tourism review & Seven years before he was sacked as managing director of Tourism Australia the unanswered question why he was sacked

Fact check: Scott Morrison’s UN speech about Australia’s environmental achievements

Prime Minister blasts radical activism for ‘economic sabotage’ | ABC News

Paradise Papers

Thank you for your time Regards


P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.

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