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“When your Snout’s in the Trough the Rim is your Horizon” – Beam

The cartoon above is one I of many downloaded because I loved them, unfortunately I haven’t been able to attribute it because I cant find it despite it’s one of the very best.

The corruption in Australia I believe is just part of a Planet wide corruption, the main corruptors are relatively small in number when compared to their minions because the truly powerful do not share the power or their system of hereditary famalies of mainly Bankers and Royalty which has existed for possibly for thousands of years, they keep their control by Money, Religion, their Legal system, Education and more recently their Media system. Their one weakness is your right to Vote, that is your not voting for those supported by the coruptors.


“Where sickness thrives bad things will follow” – J R R Tolkin – Hobbit

Things like War, J.R.R. Tolkien enlisted with the British Army in 1916 at the age of 24 years old so he knows a thing or two about War.

The Minerals Council has more influence than your vote!

Michael West Media A site worth visiting.

The Minerals Council spent $22,000,000 on an add campaign against Rudd’s attempt to make those extracting Our Minerals pay a fair Tax, basically they lied saying that he was going to Tax the Australian Citizens. Two of the principles who were responsible for The Minerals Council’s campaign are I believe John Kunkel now Morrison’s Chief of Staff the other Brendon Pearson who was head of the of The Minerals Council is now Senior Advisor for International Trade and Investment for the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) 2019 to present. Their method were strikingly similarity to the George W Bush campaign for US President.

10 of the most powerful Australians you’ve likely never heard of

Rinehart fued documents released

Gina Rinehart changed the vesting date of her adult aged children’s Trust to 2068 without their consent. I seem to remember that Gina had some sort of a falling out with her farther Lang Hancock who allegedly referred to her as a ‘fat baby Elephant’, I’m not sure what Lang had against Elephants they are renound for taking care of their young.

Gina Rinehart Tops Forbes Richest Australian List –
Photo from – jewishbusinessnews.


Elephant Herd Protects Their Baby from Lions | Serengeti


Honest Government Ad | 2019 Election (Season 1 Finale)

Tony Abbot’s suppositories” of wisdom… what a wanker, suppositories you just got to laugh.



Lawyers from elite patriarchal private schools, which includes attorney-generals, judges and most politicians who, some say, are behind everything immoral in our country especially the theft/privatisation of our national assets, by what I believe to be the criminal treasonous acts of theft of the our assets by Lawyers twisting the language and the intent of the Australian 1901 constitution and replacing through new illegitimate laws which they themselves have created ignoring our rights to a citizen’s referendum before national assets are sold off.

St Kevin’s students filmed singing sexist chant on Melbourne tram

As an example of extreme injustice in my home state NSW there was almost 1,500 serious sexual assaults by men on women of which only about 5% were acted upon at the expense of female victims facing horrendous and patently immoral cross-extermination from Defence Lawyers over seen by Judges.

In Australia currently 1 Female a week are killed by their male partners most of which were generally fueled by Alcohol.

See ABC Q&A Highlights 18 April 2921

ABC Q&A Highlights

And what about the Documentary: Who is Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually abusing teen girls and the ‘elites’ that participated?

Has the Media managed to distract the citizens from the fact that these elitists, including the Media itself, are guilty if not actually raping women and children but are clearly guilty of complicity?


In order to keep Australians ignorant of the self-serving treasonous acts of Lawyers from elite patriarchal private schools, which includes Attorney-generals, Judges and most Politicians many of those in control are in fact the Lawyer/politicians and the practicing Lawyers who work for the Conglomerate Media which dose it’s best to distract with titillate BS like ‘Married At First Sight’ and promote at every opportunity the Fake News of Murdoch & Co.

Hundreds of regional newspapers set to close | 7.30

Some people believe as an ‘Australian’ Murdoch is a Traitor… Fuck you Murdoch & Co.

Dirty Power: Big Coal’s network of influence over the Coalition Government (Director’s Cut)


Fleecing the Future Submarine Program

As I see it the safety of Australia has been totally compromised by the Liberal/Country Parties and to a lesser the ALP; who also been liberal with Our money by their own and others greed, an example of this is the putting winning Chris Pine’s Liberal Seat SA in Parliament in first place, by insisting that the Submarines were built in South Australia… remember it was the Liberal/Country Parties which closed down the Australian car manufacturing industries; and a host of other High Tech manufacturing… in favour of replacing Manufacturing by digging holes by their mates in the Mineral Council of Australia… polluting companies like Rio Tinto and BHP

‘We need to be careful’ about nuclear submarines

Murdoch’s continually pushing for Australia to go Nuclear something that benefits huge Multinational companies and would be used to kill off small to medium companies who offer a sustainable and safe alternate.

Honest Government Ad | Kyoto Carryover Credits

In 2020 Morison said “There is no credible transition plan, tor an economy like Australia in particular, that does not involve the greater use of gas as an important transition fuel”

Oh really? Lets do the Time Warp again, and again and again back to the 1500s.

‘The claims are exaggerated’: John Howard rejects predictions of global warming catastrophe.

This mean-spirited little prick is a Lawyer, he knows SFA about Science. Some people believe he is a liar, a bigot and a Racist which were the reasons for he losing his seat and his government being kicked out of power.

Howard’s History Two

Fucking disgraceful.

Scott Morrison is stuck in a time warp – more gas is not the answer
Simon Holmes à Court

Rocky Horror Time Warp Turn up the volume!

With a bit of a mind flip does Howard look a little like Riff Raff? LOL

Little Nel is such a hottie.



1. IT’S TRANSPORTABLEITY – Can be transported like Petrol

2. IT’S DENCENTERALISED – The Energy needed to produce Hydrogen is multifaceted in that you can use solar, wind, Geothermal and Tidal methods to produce and it also totally renewable & virtually inexorable.


4. IT’S MORE EFFICIENT – Has almost twice the efficiency of conventional combustion.

5. IT’S ABLE TO EMPLOY MORE WORKERS & TAXES – Since Greedy Big Multinationals virtually pay no Tax will have no chance controlling this 2000 century Energy source.

Sure there will be issues but they are insignificant to Climate Change and keeping Greedy Big Multinationals at bay.

We should have bought the German hydrogen cell submarines which are state of the art stealth capable. As for the BS about Nuclear Submarines put forward by FOX FAKE NEWS… Duh! Stealth wise Nuclear Submarines can’t compare they are built for range and speed they are mainly Attack Subs not Defensive. Had we bought the German Hydrogen Peroxide/Hydrogen Cell fuel we would not repeat the screw-ups of the Collins Class which is 80s technology and for the same money we could possibly have twice the number of subs with half the crews needed.

The continual harping about Nuclear being the solution to all our Power needs revolves around the fact that only the huge multi-nations corporations who are the main lobbyists can participate in these industries which means two things, firstly they control the price of our energy needs, secondly we would have a centralized power system. The alternative is a decentralized, which means when breakdowns occur less homes and small business will occur.

The Best Renewable Fuel in terms of producing a fuel which is transportable and can be produced by a variety of means from water is Hydrogen, we have a chance here to create heaps of clean safe Energy; compared to Coal, Gas and Petroleum jobs, and become World leaders in the Australian Alternative Energy Market. On the other hand, Coal, Gas & Petroleum are literally 16th century industries which ironically are referred to as Fossil (Dinosaur) fuels. As for the Fossil fuels workers we could put those them to work using their skills-set building all sorts of projects which Australia so badly needs.

Hydrogen Home Storage. Could this be a game changer?

I have been a fan of the possibilities of Hydrogen as an Energy source and it’s transportability for years… it’s a total ‘No-brainer’ but corrupt Politicians etc. overwrite what brains they have with Greed & Treachery.

Which countries are backing the hydrogen economy?

Signing Kyoto not the solution to climate change: Howard

Enron – The Biggest Fraud in History

10 Shocking Nuclear Disasters That Were Covered Up

Rocky Flats plutonium plant | A radioactive nightmare in Colorado



Yet another censored YouTube footage… I’ll try again on –

As for the monies saved by dumping the French stupidly modified Barracuda Subs at a ridiculously high priced saving billions of dollars. This means we could send Australian Navy personnel, Aussie Engineers and Material Scientists to Germany to learn about German Engineering and Hydrogen Cell technologies which is by far

The main reasons why Politicians and Big Corporations will resist such forward thinking is they want to continue to control these huge Energy productions, whereas the alternative Energy production can be de-centralized, it will lose less Energy through Transmission loss over vast distance and as the Climate gets more unstable a centralized system of various Energy types will effect less people with regards to Blackouts and this effect will suite small to medium businesses which as a result employ more Workers. On the other hand the Energy Conglomerates are more interested in 14th century trickle down economics based on self-interest which as I see it is plain TREASON.

Treason is any attempt to overthrow a Democracy… particularly for personal gain.

Defence BLOWS UP

Morrison’s no cohesive plan just talk, talk, talk total BS


Monty Python – Constitutional Peasants Scene (HD)


Girt by sea… WTF Australia is so much more than the Shoreline.

Yep I’m for an Aussie Republic and I believe that Australia Day should fall on the 1st of January which is in keeping with the fact that in 1901 Australia became a nation that way the whole World and celebrate not only New Year but Australia’s birthday… both funny and fitting. Lets face it the world’s oldest Culture deserves it, it’s a small thing to recognise that before that day it was an Aboriginal Country and now they and many other former nationals are ‘I Am Australian’

ABC is an Australian public broadcast service… the above song is my choice for an Australian Republic National Anthem, which is up there with the French and Russian Anthems and whilst I’m at it the Liverpool football club anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone!’


From Wikipedia

The execution of Charles I by beheading occurred on Tuesday 30 January 1649 outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall. The execution was the culmination of political and military conflicts between the royalists and the parliamentarians in England during the English Civil War, leading to the capture and trial of Charles I. On Saturday 27 January 1649, the parliamentarian High Court of Justice had declared Charles guilty of attempting to “uphold in himself an unlimited and tyrannical power to rule according to his will, and to overthrow the rights and liberties of the people” and he was sentenced to death.

From Birth of the English Parliament

Nobody set out to create Parliament. It developed naturally out of the daily political needs of the English King and his government. Nor did it develop continuously over time, but went through short periods of rapid growth.

Yet despite its unintentional and haphazard development, the modern British Parliament is one of the oldest continuous representative assemblies in the world. How did this happen? It is a story that involves revolt, war, invasion, several dethronings, and even Henry VIII’s love life.


Australia’s Attack Class submarine project faces criticism over rising costs and delays | 7.30


Australian Sub nearly pwns US Navy

It wasn’t the 80s Collins Class Submarine that beat the US Navy; it was their arrogance played a part of that loss, it was in fact an Aussie Captain & his Crew’s dedication to doing the best they could with what they were given. I’m in awe of that Aussie Captain and his Crew and as for the use of Men At Work’s songs ‘Down Under’… I loved it!

I some time ago met a retired Australian Admiral who invited me to sit down and have a coffee with him, I’d recognized the Navel badge on his lapel and I’d introduced myself to him, he was such a nice guy and when I asked him about the Collins Class Subs he told me that ‘we’d’ nearly lost one Collins Class Submarine beyond the continental shelf with a full complement of crew, had it not being for the Captain’s quick lateral thinking… he also mentioned that the Navy had had numerous troubles with the Subs and rarely had 2 Collins Class Submarine functioning, along with the difficulties of finding willing Crews, which I’d heard before… did nobody in that Collins choice group know about The 5 Ps of Military Success – Proper – Planning – Prevents – Piss-poor – Performance, what a clusterfuck.


PM calls for ‘some perspective’ on ABC job cuts

“Some perspective” Oh fuck off Morrison.




Thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Democrat Agitator Beam

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USS Liberty: Israel’s attack on America during the Six Day War | Unpacked

If you go to YouTube you will see the following words on the still ‘USS Liberty Conspiracy’ (see above photo. Well I’d say you’re Busted you dickhead… or if you prefer Mister Unpacked.

So the question is what other nationality does this apologist hold?; It’s amusing that he is a Jew and has two… watch his footage and decide for yourself, as for you Mr Unpacked, with all the USS Liberty Blogs and first hand commentary you sort to question the facts, thank you, you made my day ROFL… any other conspiracies you care to share, like who really attacked The World Trade Center, could this be another JFK Smoking Gun where the Government issued the Swiss cheese 911 Report striking similarity to the Warren Commission Report? Perhaps you can explain how such huge structures can collapse at a freefall rate, that all three buildings; building 7 did not get even a mention in the 911 Report!, it collapsed as if the massive steel structure gave no more resistance to the collapse than thin air?

The Attempted Sinking of the USS Liberty.!!!

Ernie Gallo: The U.S.S Liberty: what really happened? What did not?

The Day Israel Attacked America [2014 documentary by Al-Jazeera | USS Liberty attack]

If you are the type to have a negative attitude to the footage because of the Aljazera golden glow symbol in the bottom left of the footage, well you need to think critically and realise that until you do this sort of thing will keep happening (The Kennedy’s & 911 ? )… wake the fuck up.

Paradise Papers: Tax haven secrets of ultra-rich exposed – BBC News

The Queen is reputedly is the World’s riches person… she after all owns, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I didn’t vote for her but God supposedly did, apparently the Queen is in a direct line to Abraham. For the record I met Princess Elizabeth in Kenya and again as Queen in Norway… on both occasions she spoke directly to me, I must say that this ‘Bush Boy’ (white boy gone Native) did not understand what all the fuss was about… little has changed your either a decent human or your not and you will worry that you may be caught out.
The Empire of “The City” – Three City States: London, Vatican, District of Columbia


What is now obvious is that ‘They’ are in reality the Military/Industrialists/Media in fact control most of the world.

Cynthia McKinney US Lawmakers Forced to Sign Pledge to Support Israels.

Obviously the American people are asleep at the wheel

So you make up your mind is it a Jewish Conspiracy or a Jewish fact?

In any case of corruption the advice is to ‘Follow the money‘ because it will led you to the coruptors.

The REAL History of The Rothschild family’s control of the Vatican, Europe and America


Who Controls All of Our Money?

Bankers want control of digital ID’s

What a smug little NWO wanker he did everything wrong bar (steepling).

Adams/North: A War On Cash Is A War On The People

Red Alert: ScoMo Declares War On The Australian People

Jimmy Dore: the establishment Sh**ing their pants

Thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Democracy Agitator Beam

P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.


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Money – How it gets created out of thin air


How is Money Created? – Everything You Need to Know

A longer version of Money Out of Thin Air.

So this is how they take control through debt, bribery and corruption.
In the case of politicians they are given political donations and the Bureaucrats & the judicial system are in place to keep things the way they are; the Rich get Richer. I believe that we ought to examine closely this corrupt debt scam and if it’s obviously a con we should prosecute by public demand to cancel the debt and jail those who benefited enslavement.
The Pathology of the Rich Part 1

ABC is an Australian public broadcast service.

ABC bought & Paid for

So it’s OK for The US to bomb other countries much less capable of defending themselves, countries like Iraq, Venezuela, Panama, Lebanon, Vietnam, Guatemala, Yemen etc etc etc… you wankers, for the record I’m a Social Democrat and a former ‘Draft Dodger’ who knew we had no more business in Vietnam than the French. 4Q ABC’s Right-wingers like Jason Falinski | Liberal (Right-wing) Party of Australia.

ABC is an Australian public broadcast service… but now they are intruding into Privacy and now you have to Sign-on to watch iView…4Q ABC’s lapdog management and especially their thugs in the Liberal/National Country Party.

The US has dropped bombs on people in other countries since 2001, Most Recently in Syria!

In the case of Iraq the munitions were Spent Uranium

Depleted Uranium weapons Effects on Humans and Life Everywhere

Effects of Spent Uranium

US/Bombing campaigns since 1945

No mention of Chilli?

The footage below makes a mockery of the MSM BS… it is a bit over 1 hour in length but if you want know the truth; rather than NWO criminal’s ‘Truth’, watch and then see how even the Australian ABC is infected.

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

This John Mearsheimer is on the money, a lot of which he makes scene… don’t opt for the the simplistic BS, real life is complicated, they are treating you as idiots… you know that, don’t believe anything the MSM says.

Snipers at Maidan: The untold story of a massacre in Ukraine

Allende and Pinochet in Chile | The 20th century | World history | Khan Academy

Shock And Awe Iraq Baghdad Bombardment March 2003 The Start Of Iraq War | Air strike Clips (H.D)


Dramatic video shows Russian missile attack in Ukraine I ABC7

Reports Of Russian Attack In North-East Ukraine | 10 News First

Condoleezza Rice admits she’s a war criminal during Ukraine interview

“Taking on the Jews directly along with Zionism or even trying to defend a non antisemitic position while on the other hand discussing anti semitism or Zionism is battle that could bring us down, I am not comfortable to go this path, I think we have too much to lose, and we are just falling into a honey pot”.

9/11 Coincidences

Abby Martin
Israel gets Georgia to strip free speech rights (again)

Glen Greenwald responds to Krystal & Saagar comparing Ukraine to Iraq on “Breaking Points”

Thank you for your time

Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Social Democracy Agitator Beam

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Simple and to the point Cartoons can say so much

Personal note

For the record I will not allow adds nor will I accept payment for this Blog, also if you prefer Big Macs to a balanced diet… bye!

I’m dyslectic with a TBI; no Short Term Memory, I’m also a ‘Bush Boy’ (derogatory White Boy gone Native) I was born in Kenya who as a result I had next to no early schooling but I still managed to become a professional Scientist.
“When you don’t experience remorse, you’re kind of freed up to do anything — anything bad that comes to mind,” — Dr. Black… Ring any Bells?

George Carlin: Why we aren’t ready for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

I believe the problem is that things have worsened dramatically in Australia since John Howard’s extreme right-wing reign.

Field Marshal Rommell said “If I had to conquer hell, I’d use Australians to take it & New Zealanders to hold them.”

What ever happened to Aussies, it seams that taking Selfies or worse still what you just bought ore about to eat; or force feed media crap… get over yourselves and grow a Critical Thinking Brain and take little or no notice of Howard’s captured, grovelling and gutless universities.

Praise indeed, it’s pathetic what Political Donations and it’s inevitable effects and it’s resultant Dumbing-down of you and your kids, while telling us how good our education is one of the best in the World!

Why the Rich are getting Richer… Education. It’s anybodies guess how much government money schools like Kings College get because it’s hidden, as for Public Schools… well you only have to is think back (class size is still around 40) or talk to a Public Teacher.

This is no negative reflection on all the Teaching Professions, many are doing great things on very tight budgets.

Afghanistan not entirely a failure, says John Howard, who first committed Australian troops | 7.30

This isn’t delusional I believe it’s an out right lie as was WMDs
Howard’s History (Part Two Melbourne convention)

He’s a mean-spirited little prick…in my opinion, maybe that’ his problem 😉
CEO of Bupa says sorry for ‘totally unacceptable’ neglect and assaults in aged care
Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer: ‘Second Wave’ is Faked.

Gravitas Pfizer’s abusive vaccine deals

Johnson & Johnson Hip Implant Recall Explained by Orthopedic Surgeon

Johnson & Johnson knowingly sold faulty hip implants.

Digressing to vent my spleen about the appalling treatment Australia’s Original Peoples, The Aboriginals go back some 80,000 years… you would expect that that would give them a significant say in Australia’s future… a future recognizing their Rights as First Nation Citizens.

I have a suggestion for the very least recognition of their feelings and that is to move Australia Day from the 26th January to January 1st which is actually the date of The Australian Constitution presented in Corowa NSW; on the border between NSW & Victoria. So this will coincide with the celebration on Australia’s Birthday… personally I love the idea of the whole World celebrating Australia’s Birthday, how cool is that!

It’s not much of a stretch to realise that the view of one of Australia’s past richest miner whose daughter has now apparently surpassed her farther (Lang Hancock) who believed that The Australian Aboriginals should be sterilised.

I cannot possibly express my utter contempt of Australia’s past 4 Right Wing LMP Prime Ministers, namely John Howard, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull; thanks for our useless Broad Band (NBN), and last but not least ‘Scotty from Marketing’… you know the type that will say absolutely anything… and then later totally deny everything.

In a recent issue related to my ‘Accident’/Incident where I twice projectile vomited a litter of blood in about 3 seconds… bit of a freak out. Now as my mother said I’m not prone to panic, so I rang for an Ambulance went back to the Bathroom to clean up the blood and since I was obviously going to be away for a while I went about turn things off & on where required and I started to pack a few things when the Ambulance arrived so I walked out to meet them, I sat down and passed out and woke 3 days later along way from home.

The hospital I had found myself in was in fact “The St George Hospital” and Health Services which is part of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. It is an accredited, principal teaching hospital of the University of New South Wales and is not only one of the largest it is in Prime Minister Scott Morrison Seat,. remember that this medical incident ended in my boarding an ambulance within a few minutes so my packing for an obvious stay resulted in running out of time and forgetting some needed items like my tooth brush… I couldn’t even get the Hospital to furnish me with a Toothbrush and I’m sure this pathetic lack of thought is indicative of cost-cutting.

So how was my 11 day stay in ‘Scotty from Marketing’ Seat… well the Nurses (male and female) were absolutely fantastic and worth far more than they are paid.

The problems are cut-backs and privatizing can be measured by negative out comes to performance. As an example I noticed the length of time spent for example cleaning, in the case of the Showers I knew they could not possibly be effectively cleaned by the Stopwatch pressures and most likely squeezing the max-amount of profit.

This putting ‘profits’ before health is the shortage of Nurses, in my ward there were about 30 or 40 patients and only one nurse on-duty at night which leads to various patience’s monitoring constantly beeping all night long… and then there is the ‘food’; which was totally over cooked and disgusting, so the two main necessities to quick recoveries being Rest & Nutrition.


Some time later I ran into a Farmer a while back with half of his leg missing from a Hospital Infection, he told me that the day the Hospital received a report stating he had an infection… they then discharged him apparently to avoid legal action.

In my case I my bed was nearest to the Shower and the Toilet and I watched the Cleaning companies worker doing a profit orientated cleaning so when I finally got to shower and saw the scum and hair in the corners I decided to use half of the liquid soap on the floor… it really was filthy, coincidental one night after 10 pm I overheard a woman blasting a young Nurse who was the only Nurse on the Ward with about 40 hospital patients, the abusive woman was out of control stating that the place was filthy as a brothel.

Well I knew who the young nurse was and the obvious fact that she had no say in who had the cleaning contract so I went to support her and when the woman saw me she left. I comforted the young Nurse asking her who that lunatic was…well it turned out that she was some sort of senior Nurse manager from another hospital and she was visiting a friend in hospital.

It is totally inexcusable to treat Nurses that way and that wasn’t the only time I witnessed arrogant behaviour and this is what I saw. There was a troop of Interns turn up, the first thing I was was what I imagine one may see in a brothel, One of the female doctor interns was dressed as I imagined a prostitute; she doesn’t deserve a political correct Handel because she was wearing skin tight leotard with a skin tight top which caused he breasts to attempt an escape… I guess it could have been that she was headed later to go nite clubbing but for the White Lab Coat and the medical stethoscope around her neck.

This is not the only thing I witnessed, there was a really grate male Nurse with 12 years experience and on his way to a PhD, she disagreed with his diagnoses a little later he was proven right but there was no sign of any attrition from the prostitute.
I also had a rather unique Hospital discharge experience, a nurse approached me about 4pm Friday late afternoon in regards to my being discharge, initially I was quite confused you see that it was only 5 days earlier that they let me get up and move about (I had had several things plugged in or attached to me). I finally got to walk about and have a shower, but I had to have a Nurse accompany me on my walks and she did indeed catch me from falling on at least one occasion.

So back to my discharge, I was being informed about 4pm by a Nurse who I’d never seen before that I was to be discharged around 5 pm on a Friday Night to make my way home; about (about 5 or 6 hours by public transport) in poring rain and very gusty winds (mid winter) from an area that I have very rarely visited.

The fact is I’d projectile 2 liters of blood so I was totally unprepared for hospital when the incident occurred, I was in fact at the time wearing my House clothes; Polatec Track-suite, I’d also screwed my Phone Pin number and been looked out of my phone when a doctor asked me for my number… and of course there was my physical injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury which impeded my walking and my non functioning brain Short Tern Memory… I once found myself lost in my own town and I seem to spend most of my time looking for my phone or what ever!

For the record I put my foot down by telling the Nurse there are only these three options to get me out of hear and home, Taxi, Ambulance or Helicopter… I got the Taxi home at around 10 pm.

My observations are as follows:-

10 ways Australia would be completely different if it weren’t for the CIA’s interference Gough Whitlam.
Two-thirds of aged care workers unvaccinated | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia

And they keep telling us Australia has the best Universal Health System.

Was I right or not?

You just have to love these Lovely Ladies telling it like it is.

Honest Government Ad | Australian Values

Honest government Ad | COP Climate Summit

Honest Government Ad | Kyoto Carryover Credits

How the Tampa affair changed Australia’s refugee policy | SBS News

How do these morons get away from it? Could it be…. Murdoch & Co.

‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ story

UNCANNY ! Jonathan Pryce was a very convincing Murdoch.

Gina Rinehart: Australia’s Richest Woman & Her Agenda | The Beast File – An Australian Soap Opera.

This is the situation of sociopaths in power in Australia, money is relatively to make out of the mining of minerals, basically dig a hole load it on a truck send overseas; along with hidden profits.

Rinehart feud documents released

Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture & Storage (New Technology)

Honest Government Ad | We Make Everything Good Shit

Honest Government Ad | Electric Vehicles

Is Hydrogen, rather than electric, the future for big-engined machinery? I visit JCB to find out

What this could mean is that a development which enables Diesels to be converted to run on Hydrogen.

Gaslighting Nuclear Energy

Coal was about huge multinational companies dominating the Energy Industry and Nuclear Energy is in that same filthy greedy business. On the other hand, if we take things seriously Engineers not Lawyers, Engineers move mountains and build the important structures and equipment necessary for a civilization…. Lawyers on the other hand are for the most part are Paper Shufflers Liars & Thieves who have illegally; in their guise as Politicians who have (and continue to) made changes to our 1901 Australian Constitution which requires holding a Referendum to ratify changes. As for politicians writing a ‘Bill Of Rights’, Yeah Nah.

We need to go back to the original Australian Constitution of 1901 at Corowa on the boarder of NSW & Victoria which actually requires that Referendums are necessary to change the Constitution. Actually my rather sense of humour would suggest that we make Australia Day the day we became a Nation… eventually Democratic Republic and the whole Earth will celebrate Our Birth-date on New Years Eve… how cool would that be!

For too long we have been burdened by a corrupt and or incompetent Legal/Judicial system. We must level the playing-field, all Laws must be written in plain English so that they are comprehensible and Just.

My background is in Metallurgy/Engineering, when I heard the proposal to buy the French Submarine initially I was confused. However, when I heard that our government had proposed to have the Nuclear Power Plant exchanged for a dated which almost proved to be a total disaster which had almost ended with the loss of one of our Collins Class Subs with it’s crew… all because of stupid politics… they put Australia’s Security at risk, Diesel/Electric go back to the WWI so that they could win seats in South Australia where they were going to be built.

Now if that’s not bad enough, they then asked the French to shorten the length of our future Subs… seriously how anybody could be sooooo dumb to not understand even at a basic level that is a ridiculous idea.

The fact is both Diesel/Electric & Nuclear Submarines are not as quiet as the Germans Hydrogen Sell is fare more stealthy… it is a very much a defensive instrument which would be a major concern for offensive incursions to Australia.


US Exercise – ‘Silent Fury’

This is how assume Aussies can be at the end any Aussie will feel some pride… despite the fact that the politicians have for a third time now have Totally Fucked Up, it’s generally accepted that a Hydrogen Cell Powered Submarine is much harder to detect, whereas the Nuclear Subs leak Nuclear Partials… Our Collins Class Sub Rankin managed that Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier during those ‘War Games’ to ‘Catchee Monkey’ Slowly and this was at least also in part because of the exercise around these mindbogglingly sharp drop-offs which the Aussie Captain and his Crew used so proficiently… One day I’d love to meet them.

Australian Sub defeats US Navy in exercise


Fleecing the Future Submarine Program

I’ve studied nuclear war for 35 year — you should be worried. TedxMileHigh

There are some 15,000 atomic bombs on Planet Earth that enough Atomic Bombs to bomb every city on Earth with more than 100,000 people with 10 Atomic Bombs… Total insanity.

5 Nuclear Meltdowns you were never told about

Top 10 nuclear meltdowns in the history of the world

Rocky Flats plutonium plant | A radioactive nightmare in Colorado

Busting climate change myths | Answers with Joe

Simon Holmes à Court – The Guardian Scott Morrison is stuck in a time warp – “More gas is not the answer”. I felt somewhat trusting of both Simon and

The Guardian Scott Morrison is stuck in a time warp – “More gas is not the answer”.

Hydrogen home storage. Could this be a game changer?
Simon Holmes à Court
Thank you for your time
Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippy and Social Democrat Agitator Beam
P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.

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