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If you don’t trust Big Multinational Business nor the government… then read on.

As you will see; either already or later, Peter McCullough MD & Jeffrey Sachs Eminent Economist the warnings; as with ‘Climate Change’ COVID required immediate recognition, action and not just by talking heads for those who stand to profit, failure may well result in Bankrupted countries and the death of Billions of Citizens World wide… so pay attention and don’t let the few misdirect the thinking of the majority.
“Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s AKA The New World Order
Is it me is it you did you watch too much TV? Wasn’t the “Own Nothing and Be Happy” philosophy at it’s base a part of both the Socialism and Capitalism systems, I offer the fact that there is very little difference between Socialism and Capitalism these days since both lack a right of their Citizens to have an input into how the various countries are governed… both are manipulated by self serving Propergander.
A vision of the Future where Citizens are Slaves to those few who own everything.
‘The Central Scrutinizer’ – Frank Zappa was the musical equivalent George Orwell… turn up the volume.
Facebook shut this guy down:-
Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas senate HHS committee


Before the neutering of The ABC they would undoubtedly interviewed Peter McCullough as a highly qualified MD as opposed to less qualified but intimidated by the ‘Tall Poppy’ syndrome… unfortunately their time will come, the
only place at ‘The Table’ for them will be on the menu, as the French would say ‘tant pis pour toi’.
Eminent American Economist Jeffrey Sachs exposed the truth about how the west is keeping Africa poor…wow!

Jeffrey Sachs is a humanitarian par excellence
The truth about PCR tests

Doctor Sue our NZ cousins is one of only a few MDs I have found so far to speak up publically.
COVID-19 vaccines will make BIG PHARMA billions and they are talking about vaccines every six months, that’s countless billions, using animal mRNA Vaccines are likely to alter a person’s DNA which some say will render populations sterile, sick or dying of low immunity because of the mixture of animal DNA and other assortments of poisonous Nanoparticles and other particulates. In a nutshell the theory I’m proposing is the fact that Big Pharma has been plugging away promoting Vaccinations for the Common Flu with who knows what particulates which has nothing to do with healthy outcomes.

I note that many Mothers have instincts with regards to the health of their children, so when a mother notices a dramatic change in their children after Vaccinations and then being told by their Doctors that their child has autism; which seems to be on the increase, we should have this checked out by professionals who’s income is not dependent on Big Pharma… lets face it most of the Big Pharma companies have been caught out falsifying ‘research data’.

Norman Swan is guilty of terminal Steepling; rating hands and touching finger tips, can show confidence but in Norman Swan’s case I believe it’s a hollow bluff… compared to Peter McCullough MD credentials.

The troubles with ‘Talking Heads’ & trained Parrots is they aren’t across the COVID subject… it’s actually a version of an infinite number of monkeys being able to create their own Shakespearean play before the end of the universe… in other words it is simply total Bullshit so they resort to brutal force and intimidation.
The irony is this, there wont be a ‘Place at the table’ for the ‘Talking Heads’ & trained Parrots
ABBOTT & COSTELLO BASE BALL; a recycled great joke with the added irony of Australia’s Liberal Government was led by Tony Abbott & Peter Costello… you just can’t make this stuff up… oh the irony.
More COVID facts the CDC & Biden Administration doesn’t want you to hear.

Is 1984 becoming a reality? George Orwell’s warning to the world

If you haven’t read the book watch the movie.
Nineteen Eighty-Four – Official Trailer [HD] A modern version
Or the original 1984 published on 8 June 1949
The free Audio-book of 1984
EndGame Blueprint for Global Enslavement Greek Subtitles

The ruling class is murdering you: Rodger Waters on shouting from the rooftop

Health Minister Hunt’s family involvement in graphene and vaccines… isn’t that classified as a Conflict of Interests? It’s also worth mentioning the fact that as the Minister of Health he ironicly stated the lie that Marijuana (Cannabis) kills people, but now; after almost 100 years, Big Pharma accepts that Cannabis is a worthwhile natural medicine… but not the Psychoactive component, the part that makes you laugh, increases Cancer victims apatite (Munchies), helps you be more relaxed and can give you an ability to detect BS; no wander ‘they’ are scared of it. However, now this ‘dangerous’ Psychoactive component it turns out is being studied in Labs since it alleviates depression and lets not forget… it’s easy to grow (less Tax) funny how BS stories are often laughingly Self-destructive don’t you think.
In a Nutshell this is how ‘The System’ works, The Big Multinational Reserve Bank’s ability to print money out of thin air and charge interest on what in reality is unbacked paper (Money creation in a fractional reserve system) uses this Monopoly Money to fund friendly partners in their ‘New Works Order’, in this case Big Pharma which in partnership controls the governments via political donations of this Monopoly Money, through this they also control the doctors and the Media, etc. etc.
See if I can explain why everybody says they don’t trust Big Multinational Business nor the government (mostly comprised of lying thieving lawyers… spit on the ground) but still votes them back whilst listening to The System’s Media and mumbling about ‘conspiracy theories‘… hello it’s not a theory, yet you continually repeat the same mistakes, nothing will change if you keep falling for their BS… it’s you who has to make the change.
“Where’s The Isolate?”
The escalation of a Police State
Police violently steel woman’s bag for having lawful mask exemption

WA couple refused to take PCR This…. This is what happened

There are probably hundreds if not thousands Australian Citizens being criminalized for standing up for their constitutional rights.

Constitutionally Inoculated to Resist Coercion

“In other words, no Australian government, either federal or state, or those acting on its behalf, is constitutionally authorised to force any individual to take medicament against his or her own will, or force them or their children to be, among other things, compulsorily vaccinated”.
“Of course, a doctor who freely performs his or her medical service does not create conscription. However, as Justice Webb explicitly mentioned:
“When Parliament comes between patient and doctor and makes the lawful continuance of their relationship as such depend upon a condition, enforceable by fine, that the doctor shall render the patient a special service, unless that service is waived by the patient, it creates a situation that amounts to a form of civil conscription”.
Stew Peters Show – Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!
Thank you for your time
Regards from the Dyslectic TBI Hippie and Social Democrat Agitator
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